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Magazine….Pc Week
Publication Date ….03/17/1988
Publication Number…. 0009
Page Number…. 0012
Summary…. There was talk of a version of NetWare, running under VMS. Scheduled for the near future, is some sort of relationship with AppleTalk, in addition there was the announcement of Os 2 NetWare, software directed towards distributing alternative applications to Lan Manager
Author…. Roberto Mazzoni
Topics …. Computer Industry
Type …. News
Creation Date…. 05/11/1988



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Novell moves into yet another phase in its growth, from its position in the world of personal computers, to that of large systems. There was, in fact, the announcement of NetWare VMS, network software capable of running on Mini Digital Equipment, turning them into local network servers. NetWare VMS complements the family of NetWare products, which already offers several options for connecting varied categories of mini-computers into LAN ; Ethernet, Token-ring, StarLan, ArcNet, broadband and so on. Users connected via networks can take advantage of Vax as a server for the printer and disk. In addition, thanks to the availability of an inside bridge, the user will be able to have a direct dialogue between applications running under VMS and active programs under DOS. Compatibility is guaranteed with most common applications for emulation on the micro of the Vax terminal: Reflection Series of Walcher Richer & Quin, Poly. Com and Poly-Stars of Polygon, SmarTerm of Persoft (distributed in Italy by C.H. Ostfeld, Via La Marmora 6, 20122 Milan, tel.02 5,459,682); while the file transfer functions between the two environments will be handled directly by the network software. This will establish a peer-to-peer connection between satellite node and server, provided there is an agreement to have applications in dual versions for MS-DOS and Vms (Oracle, for example). Compatibility is planned for machines equipped with the operating system Os 2. The product will be delivered in the third quarter of this year, but we do not yet know the price. The files will be able to go from Vax to the personal computers in a transparent manner while the safety functions and access controls will be governed by the mini, with regard to the central archives, and regarding the local resources from the network. The storage format of the files will be provided by VMS, which allows you to have a dynamic reallocation of disk space and the use of automated procedures for backup. Using Ethernet topologies, you can connect the server directly to the local network; instead if one wants to establish a link between Token-Ring topologies (or ArcNet) and Vax, one need only to create a bridge between the mini and the network making use of the personal computer configured as a bridge. This function, for example, could be performed by either the 286 or 386 system on which is installed the NetWare version for MS-DOS. In a digital environment, VMS NetWare, will handle three protocol types: the DecNet, the Tcp Ip (Transport control program Interconnect protocol), which is a standard protocol, the Local Area Terminal Controller protocol used by Digital, for the governing of its terminals. We conclude this discussion about Novell by hinting, at two additional things to come. The first is related to the expected connection between NetWare networks and AppleTalk DSCF7253Networks. The Macintosh connected to a server of the AppleShare type will share resources with the personal MS-Dos computer operated by NetWare 2.1. Data and messages can be exchanged between the two environments while the physical link (bridge) will be realized by installing a NetWare server and a LocalTalk PC card. Working with similar applications in the two environments, such as Microsoft Word, it should be possible to exchange documents between personal and Macintosh without even performing format conversions. Of course, all of the stations will be able to draw on the resources of the Apple LaserWriter printer. The NetWre-Apple connection will likely be made available for next spring.

The second new arrival is Os 2 NetWare, a non-dedicated operating system from the Novell network, which divides the server’s hard disk into two partitions: one for NetWare files (which need specific handling) and one for Os 2 files. The Os 2 NetWare will be 50% slower than the ‘current 2.1 NetWare and will essentially serve to configure the local network so that the server participates in the distribution management of the applications (see Ashton-Tate Sql Server and Microsoft). Os 2 NetWare will be available at the end of the year (the price is not yet known). Novell is distributed by Fast Italy (Via Flaminia 888, 00191 Rome, tel. 3202691 06 -by Vela 3, 20133 Milan, tel. 02 200611)

Roberto Mazzoni