Sergio Mello Grand

Sergio Mello Grandhas been a true pioneer in the world wide personal computer market. He left Italy to setup an liaison office in Silicon Valley in 1982, at the very beginning of the commercial life of this technology and worked for over two decades in connection with the top figures of the industry facilitating a constant technology transfer from the USA to Italy and becoming one of the best known technical journalists and publishers in the field. In the following year, he has been manager of one of the key Italian technology publishers and has opened the first Italian software distribution company. Currently he is CEO of the Italian branch of TicketOne, a multinational company providing ticketing solutions for major events throughout Europe.

The launch of PC IBM left a deep mark in the Italian information technology market and in the Italian specialized publishing industry. In 1982 the Gruppo Editoriale Jackson opens a branch office in Silicon Valley in order to follow the evolution of the information technology world, and comes to the conclusion that it is necessary to complement its existing magazines with one entirely devoted to the IBM PC and its compatibles. Therefore, in 1984, PC World Magazine is born, with the direction from the United States by Sergio Mello Grand who entrusted to Roberto Mazzoni, a journalist who was already working for other magazines of the publishing group, the responsibility to launch it and handle its operation from Italy.

The following is what Sergio Mello Grand remembers about Roberto Mazzoni during those years: “PC Magazine, under the operative direction of Roberto Mazzoni managed to reach and surpass in a short time the sales and circulation levels of all the other manazines edited by Gruppo Editoriale Jackson, surpassing the 100.000 copies mark, a very significant level for the Italian market.