Roberto Mazzoni as an author

Roberto Mazzoni has authored several successful books in the field of technology.

Roberto Mazzoni


Roberto Mazzoni begins his career as an author very early in life by writing his first book in 1986, when the personal computer had just arrived in the offices of a few selected companies in Italy and when it was quite difficult to find an Italian publisher willing and able to publish books proposed by new authors. His first book was a full exploration of the fledgling personal word processing technology which then allowed, for the first time in history, the production of documents by electronic means which were both affordable and relatively easy to use.

It was immediately a success, selling well above the average of the time and maintaining a good level of sales also in the four following years, which was quite unusual in a market where products and books become obsolete in just a few months. In 1987 he produced two other successful books on computer technology which paved the way for his career as a journalist in such a field.