Roberto Mazzoni as an author

Roberto Mazzoni has authored and translated more than twenty successful books in the field of technology, self-help and fiction.

Roberto Mazzoni


Roberto Mazzoni has been writing and translating technology and non-technical books for over three decades. Some of these helped opening whole new markets in Italy and others got on Italian bestseller lists. He is currently working on an extensive work which explores the new universe of teleconferencing and remote meetings as combined with the emergence of brand new technologies like virtual reality, holograms and even blockchain and cryptocurrencies.

The goal is to produce a much needed go-to reference for those who don’t want to just understand the workings of a particular platform or learn few marketing tricks. His aim is to cover the new cutting edge of the technology and the immense impact it can have on businesses as well as individuals. We are in a world were only nimble organizations will be able to thrive and where marketing and selling via video meetings is going to be “the new normal.”