Roberta Dami

ROberta damihas beenfor along time a professional advertising sales rep. She has managed the best client accounts and has been responsible for a major share of the advertising revenue in every publishing company she has worked. She has specifically promoted one magazine I have been working on, PC Week Italia, and together we have brought it to spectacular results for 1995, reaching sales values that are very high also for current standard but which are an absolute record for the time when they happened. She also worked briefly for PC Professionale which achieved results even far more spectacular than PC Week Italia setting records of revenue that have never ever been surpassed in the industry.

Roberta dami 2Generally speaking, I can say that when you wanted to look good with a customer or an advertising client, you just had to bring Roberto along. His competence, his professional capabilities were respected by everybody and he had also a key role from a human stand point: he was always able to solve disputes. He has helped many people from a professional point of view. The years of his greatest successes were definitely the first years of PCWEEK’s life, until 1995, when the magazine was producing by itself 5 billion lira of advertising revenue every year (2.5 million dollars in 1995); computers had started to enter in the consumer world. Companies wanted to invest, to promote their products. I stayed with Mondadori  until 1995 and I have seen the birth of PC Professionale, Roberto Mazzoni’s biggest professional success, which reached 3 billion lira of revenue in 1995 (1.5 million dollars – the magazine reached the 7 million dollars mark in 1998).