Articles published by Roberto Mazzoni on PC WEEK Italia while he was Senior Editor and Editor in Chief of the Magazine at Mondadori Publishing Group:

Year 1987

 Issue 2

A Local Network For Ecological Gasoline 

Novell Triples European Sales 

Issue 6

The ISO/OSI Standard Conquers More Builders 

Year 1988

 Issue 2

Rod Canion Is Mister Billion 

Virtual Microsystem In Italy 

Review Of Local Network Software 

 Issue 3

A Year of Transformations Comes To An End 

 Issue 4

The California Project Takes Off 

New Line Of IBM Communication Controllers 

 Issue 5

Apple Wedding Dec As Well As IBM 

Macworld, A Third Party Superstar 

Issue 6

Surge Of Announcements For IBM-Novell Integration 

NetWare Will Be Multilingual 

 Issue 9

3Com Starts The Italian Adventure Under The OS2 Symbol 

Novell Gets Close To Digital And Apple 

Tapestry, The Network Friend 

 Issue 11

Network Innovations Will Be The Cutting Edge For The Mac 

Issue 12

Lotus Allows Us A Glimpse Of Their Three – Dimensional Worksheet

Radiograph Protocols And Networks 

Issue 15

Open View HP Software Speaks Only OSI 

Issue 17

Intel, A Full Frequency Personal System 

Issue 20

HyperCard Prince Of Apple New Era

Apple Looks At Europe 

Icons For Macintosh Unix 

Issue 22

The Personal Systems 2 Become Twelve 

A Local Network For Ecological Gasoline 

Three Alternatives For Connecting A Macintosh Network 

Issue 23

Banyan And Novell Following IBM’s Trail 

Recognizing A Network Based On Protocols 

Issue 24

Communication Via Modem: Finally Something We Can Trust 

Novell Chooses Apple 

Wang Will Be Stronger In The World Of Networks 

Issue 25

Orion Network Systems Enter The World Of Fashion 

Version 2 For VMS Software Services 

Issue 26

Lotus 3.0 Delays, But Promises Are Good 

Mac And Vax: The Road From Enemies To Brothers 

Issue 32

New Compaq Deskpro 386

Issue 35

The Open Software Foundation Takes On European Recruitment

Issue 37

The Compaq Laptop: A Reality 

3com: First On LAN manager 

Issue 39

Certainties For The New Electronic Market 

Issue 40

Olivetti: Two 386 PC’s & Two MicroChannel Systems 

Issue 43

Programming Together 

Year 1989

 Issue 2

LAN Manager Saves The User From NetBIOS Inconsistencies