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Magazine…. Pc Week
Publication Date…. 03/17/1988
Publication Number….0009
Page Number…. 0001
Section…. NEWS
Author…. Roberto Mazzoni
Summary…. The company opened an office in Milan and renewed its collaboration with Algol Logitech
Author…. Roberto Mazzoni
Topic…. Computer
Type…. News
Location…. Milan MI Lombardy Northern Italy Italy
Subjects…. 3Com
Creation Date…. 05/11/1988




3Com decided to open a presentational office in Milan

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The Italian network market is remarkably lively, and 3Com has decided to open a representative office in Milan to meet the growing demand for cards, workstations, and servers. The event coincides with the official announcement of the version 3Com LAN Manager, the network operating system that will form the basis of the new family of applications on the network 3Open that the company will make available in June. The interchange with the current distributor of eCom products and the Milanese company Algol Logitech, will be gradual, and in the end there will result in a clear division of tasks. The Italian subsidiary of 3Com (which for the moment is still a guest of Algol Logitech via Durres 2, 20134 Milan, tel. 02 2155622) will affect the management of indirect network sales and OEM suppliers (Honeywell-Bull, Olivetti, Apple), while Algol Logitech will take care of installations for large-scale users. In terms of standards, 3Com has formed a partnership with Microsoft to jointly develop a Lan Manager, which will be the network module for the operating system Os 2.The 3Com Lan Manager, shown during the conference’s inauguration of the new branch, has a menu-based user interface, in accordance with the criteria that IBM has set in the definition of the System application architecture (SAA), and offers advanced functions for disk management, access and communication between programs (inter-process links to create distribution of applications). Lan Manager will be available by June and solve existing performance problems of standard Ms Net networks while maintaining compatibility with the NetBios (IBM) protocol and functions of the Dos 3.1. Algol Logitech, for its part, will specialize in providing turnkey solutions. An example of this is the announcement of the EasyGate server developed by Milan-based company, with collaboration of the U.S., sister company for the management of network telex services, electronic mail and facsimile. EasyGate will have a price of 7,200,000 lire.


Roberto Mazzoni