Publisher Arnoldo Mondadori – Mondadori’s Company Archive
Magazine…. Pc Week
Publication Date …. 20/10/1988
Publication Number …. 0037
Page Number…. 0001
Section …. NEWS
Summary…. Announcing, 3 + Open, the new network software for MS-DOS and OS 2 systems
Author…. Roberto Mazzoni
Topics …. Computer Industry
Type ….News
Subjects …. 3Com
Creation Date …. 21/12/1988



3 + Open new networking software for MS-DOS and OS / 2

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IMAG02403Com has reached a milestone in the evolution of its offerings: from the provider of local networks mainly focused on the hardware devices, they are preparing to challenge Novell, in the domain of LAN operating systems. 3 + Open is the new product that the company is offering to those who want to configure distributed systems based on Os 2 and Lan Manager by Microsoft. The product is not simply the evolution of 3 + Share that the company so far shipped for Ms-Dos networks, but constitutes a significant leap in quality. Lan Manager, in fact, offers prerogatives when managing disks and managing mixed architecture that were exceedingly difficult to achieve under Ms Net (the part of the MS-DOS operating system dedicated to network management), and, while maintaining full compatibility with IBM’s NetBios standards, it becomes a full-fledged alternative for specialized products such as the networks management of Novell Net Ware and Vines by Banyan. 3Com is the first to provide a complete package based on Lan Manager, the development of which it has participated together with Microsoft, even though there are more than thirty companies that have declared their intention to provide products of this type. 3 + Open offers the network server Os2 its multitasking characteristics thus allowing an easier way to handle requests that come to the server from multiple users simultaneously. The product is offered in two sizes: one called Entry System that can connect up to five users and another called Advanced System , which has no set limits to the number of workstations that can be managed. The Entry System version is a simplified management system while the Advanced System provides connectivity functions that enable connections between different Lans, connections to the host and various sophisticated LAN management functions. 3 + Open, of course, has all the basic functions required by the user of a departmental LAN such as departmental email, the safety mechanisms for the protection of information, sharing of files, disks and printers. It is possible to configure networks that contain both MS-DOS and Os 2 systems, also including the Ibm Ps 2 system. However, the real distinguishing feature that exists differentiating 3 + Open and NetWare is the ability of 3 + Open to contribute actively, to the execution of applications developed under Os 2, with which it seamlessly integrates. Not wanting to be outdone by Novell, 3Com has also announced their intention to refine the ability of 3 + Open, to integrate with the Apple environment, bringing about in their servers the ability to work with AppleTalk filing protocol and Printer access protocol. In this way, the union between Os 2 Ms Dos world and the Macintosh world will be such as to maintain unchanged the advantages of both environments while allowing the dynamic exchange of files and resources (this was achieved also by Novell with NetWare 2.15 presented in a demo version at the last edition of Smau). The improvement of the file management system and the basic functions justifies the transition from the old world of Ms Net to that of 3 + Open. In this regard 3Com Italy (Via Michelangelo 1, 20145 Cologno Monza – I – Phone 02 2549741) provides the industry with a program to facilitate the transition from 3 + Share to 3+ Open, so though the two environments, as of now, can exist together and be compatible.

Roberto Mazzoni