Marcello Marongiu

Marcello Marongiuhas been a pioneer in many fields. He launched the very first biweekly computer magazine in Italy and then went on to found the very first computer technology PR firm in Italy, which he sold for a substantial profit in the late 80ties. He is now and entrepreneur in Costa Rica where he has launched an sold several other businesses.

Roberto Mazzoni was a very brilliant and able young boy. My first personal memory of him goes back to 1975 when I worked as an editor for the magazine Elettronica Oggi published by the JCE publishing group. Roberto began working as a freelance with me then. I noticed immediately that he was very competent on the subject matter, and that he was also able to write very well. He was able to produce a prefect finished product whatever the subject of the article could be: technical report, product review, company strategy. When I became editor-in-chief of the magazine l’Elettronica, which I founded in 1978 at the Jackson Publishing Group, he became part of the editorial office and came to work with me. He was able to give the correct slant to any article and, what was even more important, he was able to add personal evaluations and comments which made a true journalist out of him, and not a simple news reporter. His was able to express his abilities very well also outside of the editorial office: during press conferences he would ask pertinent questions and demonstrated to be a really complete journalist. With Roberto I worked closely until 1981when I left Jackson for creating Bit Relations, the first Italian PR agency dedicated to technology.  Roberto also collaborated with Bit Relations for preparing some press releases. But I think anyway that his main contribution to computer publishing was the launching and directing of PC Professionale which Roberto brought to the highest levels of success, both in terms of copies sold in the newsstand and of advertising revenue.