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Changing the computer publishing landscape


A lifetime professional journalist career which begun in 1979 and continues to this day, has brought Roberto Mazzoni to the highest levels in his field. His first articles were published on the magazine L’Elettronica, a biweekly taboild newspaper born to be the very first professional media for the electronic components industry. The magazine had been founded and directed in 1978 by Marcello Marongiu and Roberto Mazzoni soon became a key contributor between 1979 and 1982.

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Marcello MarongiuBetween 1983 and 1987, Roberto Mazzoni took the responsibility of managing the first PC monthly magazine dedicated to professional users: PC World Magazine.  It was a challenging project for the time, when a very big number of different computer brands and styles were available and  no clear winner had emerged yet. PC World Magazine entered the market with a clearly defined focus: to cover only the PC IBM and its clones, avoiding the huge Amstrad and Commodore 64 communities which were dominating the personal and home computer market at that time and as well as the fledging Apple community. The PC IBM was far from being a leader at that time and Windows was still quite far in the future. The choice of focusing on just a small segment of the market proved to be quite a visionary approach and was extremely rewarding bringing PC World Magazine to a leadership position in a few years. The original concept of the magazine has been designed by Sergio Mello Grand for the Jackson Editorial Group, the leading technology Italian publisher of that time, and Sergio Mello Grand called Roberto Mazzoni to implement it and develop it.

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In 1987 Roberto Mazzoni was hired by the biggest publishing group in Italy: Mondadori Group. His mission was to help launch PCWEEK Italia, the first Italian weekly paper dedicated to PC users. There were already three different computer weekly magazines on the market at that time and everybody was convinced that PCWEEK Italia was going to be a failure, but through the work or Roberto Mazzoni which eventually became its Editor in Chief, PCWEEK Italia became a leader in its own right surpassing  all of its competitors and establishing a new record on the Italian market.

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ROberta damiOne of his biggest accomplishment in the editorial field has been the launch of the magazine PC Professionale in 1991. Roberto Mazzoni originally conceived the name and the structure of the magazine and managed its contents until the end of 1999, leveraging the experience already accumulated with his previous career, but bringing it to a whole new level with the establishment of the first formal test lab in Italy which was fully equipped and staffed to test all kind of PC related products. PC Professionale reached levels of popularity, sales and advertising that had never been seen in the Italian market and that have never been matched afterwards, reshaping the Italian computer market altogether.

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In 2000 Roberto Mazzoni took on a new challenge and became the content manager and publisher of which he conceived and created from scratch. It was the very first Internet Web portal that was ever built by the Mondadori Group as well as the first Italian technology  Web portal.

In 2001 he left the Mondadori Group and was hired by the Scandinavian telecommunication giant Telia for developing the Italian  contents of which was projected to be the first European mobile portal for mobile phones. The project was very ambitious and, but was too early for its time and was folded right after 9/11, due to the dramatic changes in the political and business world that followed right afterwards.

Since 2002 to 2008 Roberto Mazzoni became the Editor in Chief of  PC Open which was the first Italian computer magazine to bring formal information technology education to its readers thus promoting their level of proficiency and their career potential.

Since 2008 to now he has moved to the USA and has been developing his own portal, (safe America) for all the Italians who want to invest, work or live in the USA. The portal gives access to almost 100 hours of video training materials that have been fully developed and recorded by Roberto Mazzoni.

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