Roberto Mazzoni


Bringing European Investors to the USA


After a long and successful publishing career in Italy, Roberto Mazzoni and his family decided to move to the US in 2008, right in the middle of the great economic crisis. They decided to invest all their hard won money in Florida taking advantage of the major shift in the local real estate market. Roberto acquired properties and a specific know how as well as a full broker license, soon providing consulting services to other Italians who wanted to do the same.

Through his entrepreneurial activity he has been able to bring to the USA a substantial amount of European private capital, helping to turnaround of the real estate market and increasing opportunities for US citizens in the area of Tampa Bay.

Since 2008 Roberto has established four companies that he owns or controls directly and has helped many other investors start and operate their own companies which span different sectors and locales. Some of the people he has helped establish a presence in the US have, on their turn helped others, therefore creating a whole new flow of opportunities for both European investors and the Florida economy.