Roberto Mazzoni


Building a bridge across cultures

america-1Since his arrival in the USA as an entrepreneur in 2008, Roberto Mazzoni has focused his endeavors in providing assistance to foreigners who wish to come to live and invest in the USA. Combining a unique competence in business planning and structuring, real estate acquisition and management, immigration hurdles and procedures, he has been able to provide laser focused and complete solutions to entrepreneurs wishing to easily bridge the gap between Europe and the United States, by offering consultancy services that are tailored to their cultural and business needs as well as compatible with the North American culture and business environment.

He teams up with carefully selected attorneys, CPA’s, business consultants and general contractors in the US so to provide the winning team for each individual investor.

His personal policy is to enable the foreign entrepreneurs or investors to eventually manage their American venture by themselves after they get starting with the help of his consulting team. To this effect, he has prepared a series of online training courses that transfer to his clients all of his hard acquired knowledge in every field, from creating a business plan, to structuring a new company, from applying for an investor visa, to acquire and manage a real estate property in the US.

The totality of his training solutions have been summed up in a portal named:

which in Italian means “Safe America”.